Characteristic of Coop-Rent Insure

The application for it is simple

Providing services with smooth and simple inspection and contract procedures

Supports communication in multiple languages

Total support in multilingual in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year starting before moving-in until leaving the room. A support desk installed ⇒ Support desk will be able to solve the “language problem” which may be concerned by both parties.

Assist in 5 languages

English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian


Able to assist for support content related to moving-in such as making consultation or trouble aside of unpaid bills.

We will help you start a comfortable life!


This is an alternative system for cosigners.

The Coop-Rent Insure will become your guarantor.


Researchers can apply for it.

And foreign researchers can also apply for it.


Supports short contracts.

It can be used reasonably for short-term rental contracts of a minimum of one month, such as training during summer vacation.


Continue to support after graduation.

Even if you live in your current residence after graduation, you can continue to use it until the end of the rental contract.


The procedure is simple.

Just going through a simple procedure,the contract can be completed once it is approved.

The application for it is simple and speedy.

STEP ❶ Application

Please prepare the required documents listed on the middle page of this leaflet, and send application to a rental brokerage company that you will have a contract with.

STEP ❷ Inspection

STEP ❸ Approval

STEP ❹ Contract

You pay the initial guarantee charge and receive a copy of the Warranty Consignment Contract (a copy for the tenant) at the rental brokerage company where you will sign a room contract.